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Embroidery is the art of embroidering cloth to make beautiful patterns, designs and embellishments in various shapes and sizes.
Image by Hobby Craft
Learning embroidery is one of the best ways to polish your creative abilities. It gives you the option to explore with several colours of thread. The best part is that there is a single method of embroidery. Once you learn the basic concepts of embroidery, you can experiment with several designs and enhance your artwork in an individualistic and creative way.

Top 15 stitches in hand embroidery:
~ Backstitch
~ Running Stitch
~ Straight Stitch
~ French Knot
~ Stem Stitch
~ Chain Stitch
~ Satin Stitch
~ Feather Stitch
~ Split Stitch
~ Detached Chain Stitch
~ Fly Stitch
~ Woven Wheel Stitch
~ Couching Stitch
~ Blanket Stitch
~ Bullion Knot
DIY Embroidery Kit
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