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Midjourney Prompt Example

--s 0 --style raw --v6.0 --ar 2:3
--s 0 --style raw --v6.0 --ar 2:3

This prompt appears to be for Midjourney, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate images based on text prompts. Let's break down the individual components:

--s 0: This sets the seed to 0. The seed is a random number that acts as a starting point for the image generation process. Setting it to 0 will make the generation deterministic, meaning that the same prompt will always produce the same image.

--style raw: This tells Midjourney to output the image in raw format without any post-processing. This means that you'll see the image exactly as the AI generated it, without any enhancements or adjustments.

--v6.0: This specifies that you want to use version 6.0 of the Midjourney generation model.

--ar 2:3: This sets the aspect ratio of the generated image to 2:3, which is a portrait aspect ratio.

So, in summary, this prompt is telling Midjourney to generate an image using version 6.0 of the model, with a seed of 0, in raw format, and with a portrait aspect ratio. The specific content of the image will depend on the text prompt that you provide in addition to these parameters.