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Prompt Examples

Exploring prompts. Random prompts examples from the internet.
Whimsical surreal garden:
Visualize an otherworldly surreal garden, with exotic flora that bend the laws of nature, intricate patterns and textures that mimic the sublime, creating a fantastical landscape that defies reality, with pastel hues softly contrasting the whimsy, a gentle stream meandering through, its waters clear and stones interspersed, a vibrant oasis in a 3D environment that embodies a sense of hyper-reality.

Stained glass:
Alcohol ink with gold leading edge in 3D, stained glass flowers and butterfly, pastel colors, highly detailed, reflected in a mirror image . 8K HDR. round shape.

Jumping toward the camera:
F1/8, t1/10, hyper-detailed ultra-realistic photography, distorted perspective, close-up, zoom. scruffy obstinate an orange cat with determined face jumps toward the camera running away from imminent danger in the back. old building at back. Lens-flares, raging wind.

Malay man, mosque, village:
Promt: Realistic 3D, an old Malay man walking towards a beautiful mosque build from golds, morning sunrise and rays, malay kampung village as background, 3D Pixar studio style.

Frame with flowers:
3D illustration of a flowers, butterflies, in a round shape, thin gold lines as borders in alcohol ink effects, sprinkle glitters, pastel colors. the. center is plain and with background watercolor

Papel picado diorama style:
papel picado diorama 3d caricature big head of a malay woman wear long shawl and loose baju kurung and cat. she kiss the cat. sprinkle glitters. watercolor splash.

Flower & background
A beautiful artistic representation of a close up hydrangea flower in blue, bird, mountain and waterfalls view background,watercolour painting, sharpen image, 4K

Rumah studio ghibli style:
direct front view of a a small yellow house in a village, with a flower garden and a mailbox. The house has a porch and a swing, and a bicycle is leaning against it. A sunny day, illustration, detailed illustration, detailed illustration by Studio Ghibli

Mixture acrylic and thick impasto:
a malay woman from back slowly running on the path in the garden , wear long hijab, long loose pastel dress embroidery detaileds . her flowing dress . watercolor splash . the background in the mixture acrylic and thick impasto with pouring in the palette knife style .

Sakura flower in goldern hour:
illustration of closed up sakura flower with background of a a scenery at golden hour, big sunset, in a stream of sakura, sprinkle glitters, pastel colors, super-realistic

Felt art style:
Create images with felt art stylized fantasy a landscape scene with a colorful sky, rolling hills, grasses, flowers, and maybe some animals or fantasy creatures.

Neon / magical:
A fantasy nocturnal landscape with magical and romantic elements, like a golden waterfall, an iridescent leaf tree, a path of prismatic rocks, neon bushes, sparks of magic, a crescent and brilliant moon, twinkling stars and bioluminescent snowflakes . The predominant colors are blue, violet, white and gold.

Splashing flowing flower dress:
1) A high quality hyper realistic yet artsy painting of a hijab girl , Wearing loose abaya multicolor, holding transparant umbrella with flowers pattern, dancing in the rain, splashing in puddles, her dress flowing and twirling, colors stream off of it, colors splashing, alcohol ink, 4k

2) Whimsical art of A beautiful girl in hijab in flowing, wearing a colorful layered long dress in flowing, pink heels, Walking with your arms spread out, faceback , in garden bacground, flowers and butterflies surrealis, vivid colors palette, uhd 8k, fluid, masterpiece

Bird, flowers & music
Watercolor color colors with Mixed media an image of a vintage songbird, it's wings made from music notes and flowers around 8k ULTRA HD and watercolor background

Cat & flower
Cute white little cats, its head adorned with flowers, serene,background swirl abstract pattern, vivid colors, in oil painting style

Fantasy dream home
Heavenly fantasy dream land with a cute unusual house with pink and green roof with a tower and unusual blue roof, have some beautiful unusual colorful flowers crawling to the tower. artistic. surronding with greenery field and trees with colorful unusual flowers. add cute birds, butterfly, ladybird and dragonfly. blue sky, 2 colorful floating round lantern

cute malay girl
a cute malay girl age 5, pink cheecks, short straight hair, pink loose long flowing dress, wearing simple flower wreath made by magnolia flower and pearl, holding flowers. digital painting. in a garden

traditional wooden house
A traditional wooden house on stilts, nestled among coconut and banana trees with a neatly trimmed grass lawn. The house features an intricate facade with wooden balustrades and latticed window shutters. A staircase with wooden railings leads up to the entrance, and there's a small balcony with flowers. In the foreground, there are outdoor lamps on pedestals, and the sky is overcast, suggesting a humid climate. This scene captures the essence of Southeast Asian architecture and the surrounding lush vegetation.

- whimsical art, surreal art, impressionism, super-realistic, caricature, orton effect
- tranquility, serene, very detail texture, 8K HDR, sprinkle colourful bokeh
- the background is blurred and indistinct, emphasizing the subject.
- isometric view of a crystallographic

Shabby chic
a style of interior decoration that uses furniture and soft furnishings that are or appear to be pleasingly old and slightly worn.
"the mismatched furniture and wallpaper in varied patterns epitomizes shabby chic"